Dr. Selanders is a recognized teacher and lecturer who has presences both nationally and internationally. Her personable style invites audience participation. Selected topics are listed below. However, specific topics of interest can be negotiated within Dr. Selanders’ areas of expertise. Please contact Dr. Selanders for scheduling and/or more information.

Notes from Nightingale: The Legacy and the Vision
Dr. Selanders provides an insightful portrait of Florence Nightingale as both Victorian traditionalist and modern visionary. Nightingale is seen as a leader, teacher, architect of a profession, statistical genius and savvy tactician.

Nursing and Women’s Work: Changing Lives and Society
Found as a component of every society, nursing is the largest profession in the world. In the Victorian culture, women were seen as objects to be protected and revered as ‘keepers of the hearth’. Nursing provided a unique opportunity for women to have gainful employment, educational opportunity and positively affect those whom they served.

Nursing’s History: Superfluous Rhetoric or Descriptive Roadmap?
Nearly all of us have tales to tell as to why the study of history was …difficult! …boring! …useless! Dr. Selanders provides an entertaining perspective of nursing’s history and why it is so important that we both know and understand the important lessons that history can teach us in our lives as nurses.

Poxes, Plagues and Nurses
In a world of bird flu, AIDS, SARS and the threat of bioterrorism, nurses are the forgotten link between health care and the potentially afflicted. Learn about nursing’s intervention in smallpox outbreaks in the United States during the American Revolution, military and public health nursing during the 1918 influenza and nursing’s role in the spread of SARS in Toronto.

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