International Study Opportunities

A variety of international educational opportunities for study and travel to England with Dr. Selanders is available. Each is sponsored through the auspices of the College of Nursing, Michigan State University. The focus of each offering is the study of the origins of modern nursing as related to Nightingale and others in Victorian England. Each offers CEUs.

Offering 1

Study for 1-3 weeks with the Nursing In London Study Abroad program through Michigan State University.

  • Offered in July each summer, the course extends from the 1st Monday in July through 4 weeks in conjunction with the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, Kings College, London.
  • Individuals who are undergraduate or Master’s students in nursing may enroll for the full 5 semester credit offering through the Study Abroad link below.
  • Individuals enrolling for the CEU option should enroll for one or two weeks of class participation during the 1st three weeks of the course.
  • Enrollment is completed on a first come, first served basis. It is recommended that applications be submitted to the Office of Study Abroad no later than January of the year of participation. Maximum enrollment for the course is 23 participants.
  • Specific information for CEU enrollment can be obtained by contacting Dr. Selanders .

Offering 2

Study tours for 10 days offered through the College of Nursing, Michigan State University.

  • In June, 2013, Dr. Selanders will lead a study tour which will examine two of the most famous Nightingale destinations – London and the Crimea. The tour will extend from June 4 through 14, 2013. The English portion of the tour will include 4 days in London as well as a trip to Derbyshire to see the Nightingale home at Lea Hurst and the plague village of Eyam. An additional trip will be to Hampshire to visit the site of Nightingale’s burial, the Nightingale home Embley Park and a visit to Stone Henge.
  • The extension to the Crimea will be based in both Yalta and Kiev. It will particularly feature visits to Sevastopol and Inkerman, both critical to the Crimean War.
  • Further information about this tour can be obtained by contacting Dr. Selanders .